Camp to Belong - "Run to Belong 5k"

The Pouliot Real Estate team had a great time participating in the "Run to Belong 5k," a heartfelt event organized by Camp To Belong Maine. This short recap video (part 1) captures the event, the feeling of community and highlights those making a difference in the lives of foster children.
Experience the energy and spirit of the "Run to Belong 5k”. Witness the unity and camaraderie as participants come together to support this worthy cause, fostering a sense of belonging for foster children who often face challenging circumstances.
Camp to Belong is a transformative organization that reunites siblings separated by foster care, adoption, or other out-of-home care once every summer in the beautiful woods of Maine. Through a week-long camp experience, these brothers and sisters not only have a blast but also create lifelong memories and deepen their sibling relationships. Camp to Belong empowers youth to advocate for themselves and their siblings, fostering belief in their ability to build a successful future together. This unique program offers a safe and fun environment for siblings to engage in special activities, events, and meaningful conversations, strengthening the vital bond that shapes their lives. By providing this life-enhancing week at camp, Camp to Belong brings together sibling groups, creating a sense of connection and belonging. Driven by a commitment to making the world a better place, Camp to Belong Maine relies on comprehensive studies and data evaluation to inform their decision-making process and strives to make a positive impact in all their endeavors.
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