Empowering Central Maine Teens at Augusta Teen Center

Welcome to the Augusta Teen Center, a beacon of hope and support for at-risk teens in Central Maine. Located at 244 Water Street, this newly relocated center offers a safe and nurturing environment where teens can develop essential life skills and find their path to success.

Join Matt Pouliot from Pouliot Real Estate as he speaks with Christopher Maloney, the passionate Executive Director of the Augusta Teen Center. With a diverse and dedicated team, Chris shares how the center provides various programs designed to uplift and guide teens, including:

After School Program: Engaging activities and group dinners.

Alternative to Suspension: A constructive alternative to school suspension.

Diversion to Assets: Restorative justice for first-time offenders.

Discover how the center collaborates with local businesses and community initiatives like the Mill Park pollinator garden. Learn about the transformative impact of these programs, boasting a 70% reduction in recidivism among participating teens.

Christopher also shares his personal journey and dedication to giving back to the community after overcoming a life-threatening illness. His story is a testament to the power of resilience and community support.

Support the Augusta Teen Center by volunteering, donating, or spreading the word. Every bit helps in creating a brighter future for these teens.

Stay connected and follow our journey as we continue to make a positive impact in Central Maine.

Donate, Volunteer, or Learn More: https://boysandgirlsclubofaugustamaine.com/

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